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As Promised.... [23 Oct 2011|04:38pm]
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Justice Needed Here [24 Mar 2006|12:15am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Cross Posted from riot_grrl

Please go here, please read, please take part...please help us get justice for Mooie...she deserves it.


I hope she was able to feel some kind of comfort and love in her final hours.....
I really, really hope so.
I can't imagine the torture and the fear and the pain she must have felt...
I really hope she knew..just for ONE fucking moment how GOOD people can be...and how much they can LOVE.

If you are an animal lover - PLEASE spread the word...

I know the townhall meeting was today - but please continue to fight, please let people know that the LACK of action towards animal cruelty and TORTURE like this is NOT tolerated.

Don't let Mooie's pain be forgotten.
If you have a dog, like I do - look at them and think - what if it was YOUR dog?

Wouldn't YOU want justice?

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Help out this insanely adorable puppy! [28 Feb 2006|12:01am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

If you can't help directly, cross post! Get it around to someone who can!

Secret is a biiiig mix, she has Akita, lab, boxer and pit bull in her..but she looks like a cuddly teddy.

If you want more info on her..click below :)

This little baby's brothers and sisters have all been adopted, and she's been left behind....can you give her a forever home???

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Winter-een-mas! [27 Jan 2006|03:25pm]
[ mood | full bladder! ]

I've never given any attention to Winter-een-mas before, and I feel like such a poser, claiming to be a gaming fan :x

So happy Winter-een-mas all you gamers! I'm going to celebrate by giving love to "old is new". Older games that have been remade recently.I have a couple of days to make up for, so let's get started.

Good idea, bad idea? I say "good idea", given the developer is capable. It bugs me that this is a bit of an offshoot of the "sequel factory" problem that gaming has right now, where developers and publishers are going with the recognizable names and the safe bets, rather than take chances on a new IP. I do think it's a better alternative than the sequel, though. Because the long-haul gaming geek who cut his teeth on the Commodore Vic-20 and Colecovision, and thought that Super Mario Bros. would be the pinnacle of graphical achievement would kill to see his old favourites rehashed using today's technology. I think I'll cap it off with some old time favourites that haven't seen new life, but should.
Then and Now for January 25th, the first day of Winter-een-mas...Collapse )

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Handsome dog in Oregon needs you! Crosspost to the moon and back!! [03 Nov 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Crossposted via riot_grrl on behalf of ratspike and Family Dogs New Life in Oregon.

Original post about him here in the community petbulls.

I don't understand how anyone could leave a boy this beautiful behind...
He was brought to Family Dogs New Life from another shelter where he was slated to be put to sleep because he keeps getting passed over...

Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever
Sex: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 70 lbs
Howdy there, Name’s Tate! If you think seven is old for a dog you haven’t met ME yet! I am an adventurer! I like to go exploring so someone that seeks an active on the go buddy would suit me best. I will not do well unattended in a yard. I am fun, loving and sweet! I love people. I love children. I have lived with cats and dogs in the past so I am a very experienced fella.I am crate trained and house trained too. If you are looking for a big friendly happy lab to chase balls or go to the river with I’m your guy! 7 years old-70lbs. My adoption fee is $100.00 and includes adoption supplies.

Look in this dog's eyes...Look at him..he needs love...a home...Please help himCollapse )
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OREGON PEOPLE - Pretty Princess Needs A Home! [02 Oct 2005|12:03am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Crossposting for riot_grrl, who had posted about Princess originally back in July - and she still hasn't found a forever home!
PLEASE repost!

Updated post found: here in hounds_of_hell!!

Posted on behalf of her foster mom: goodriddance070

Princess has been in foster care for almost three months now to ensure her stability as a companion and let me say she is an awesome representation of what a pit bull should be. She has been living in a home with an older male lab that she is in love with and two cats that she would rather live without. Princess is OUTSTANDING with people, 100% potty trained, quiet in a crate, enjoys going for car rides, walks good on a leash, and loves to sit in your lap to give you kisses. Princess is good with children but is easily excited so would do best in a home with kids over the age of 8. 120$, through Multnomah County Animal Services, includes Spay, microchip, licensing for a year, first set of shots, rabies shot, and a health exam to a vet of your choice. If you have any more questions about this sweet girl please call Jen at 503-663-7063 or email her at goodriddance070@hotmail.com


pictures on the flip side...Collapse )

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Alabama Animals Available for Adoption! [02 Sep 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Crossposted from riot_grrl

Jake is a 10 year old Yorkie who is very affectionate and loves attention! He is still very active!! He was brought to the shelter after his owners passed away...he is up to date on shots, neutered, teeth cleaned and healthy as can be for a senior baby. Extensive bloodwork has been done and everything is normal. Jake does have cataracts, but that is normal for a senior baby. If you are interested in adopting Jake - please click the link for information on how to contact the shelter he's with and go about adopting him.

see more info about animals in need!Collapse )
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[ mood | worried ]

This dog has been missing since August 2nd.

This is what happened (taken from e-mail received by original poster):

Sunday, July 31st, around 3:30 pm, while driving home from an agility trial in Hutto, one of my Flyball Team mates, Mark Malone was in a dreadful automobile accident. He had his two German Shepherd Dogs with him, Steffi and Sasha. He rolled his SUV and the dogs were ejected. The SUV rolled over Sasha killing her and Steffi ran off. Mark was Care Flighted to Ennis.

His friends are trying to find Steffi for him. Steffi is a long haired, German Shepherd with a black saddle and brown feet female, spayed70 lbs 26" tall at the withers. She is a bit shy of people.

This happened on I-35 just south of Hillsboro near exit 373 or Exit 367 on I-35 Mark was heading north but someone saw a dog running from that exit 367 heading south.

Express permission is given to post this far and wide to any groups or anyone who can help us locate this dog. Anyone in the Waco, Hillsboro, Alvarado, and any other town and city between I-35 and Midlothian (where Mark is from) please please keep looking for Steffi.

So far there has been no sign of Steffi - and the family is devastated as they have now lost both of their dogs in such a short span of time. PLEASE spread the word...

If you have come across a dog that looks like Steffi, or know someone who has found a dog that looks like Steffi, or you have seen a dog that resembles Steffi in a shelter - PLEASE contact the phone number on the flier.
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Do You Have a Pin Up Pit Bull? [13 Aug 2005|10:32pm]
[ mood | cross-postey ]

Crossposted from riot_grrl... feel free to do the same
Hello Friends,

It's that time again.....AFTU is gearing up for it's 2006 ADVOCATES FOR THE UNDERDOG CALENDAR.

Do you have a Pin-Up “Pit bull?”
Advocates for the Underdog invites you to participate in our 2nd Annual Photo Contest / Calendar.
All photo entries will be included in this calendar, but only 12 winners will be selected to be each month’s pin-up “PIT”. So if you think your Pooch has what it takes to be an AFTU “Pin-Up Pit”, just fill out the entry form and return it with your photo and the $10 donation entry fee to Advocates for the Underdog. All donations from this contest benefit the animals cared for through our rescue program and to the Legal Defense Fund challenging Bill 132.

Click for the rules and suchCollapse )

Do you have a amazing animal, or a special occasion that you would like to honour?? Pet’s Birthday?? In Memoriam??
Other special days??
Reserve that special date in our 2006 “Pittie” Calendar. Only $10.00 per date.
NAME: ____________________________________
ADDRESS: ___________________________________________
CITY: __________________________ PROV/STATE: ____________ POSTAL/ZIP: ______________________
PHONE .. : (________)_____________________
EMAIL: _________________________________________
MESSAGE: _______________________________________________________________
DATE REQUESTED: __________________________________

•If sending message via Snail Mail, please send them to 5060 Tecumseh Road East, Suite 1219, Windsor, ON N8T 1C1 with payment.

•If sending message via email, please send to info@advocatesfortheunderdog.com and submit payment
via PayPal through our website.

Don’t forget the Candlelight Vigil to be held at Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON – South Lawn on August 28th , 2005 commencing at 8:00 pm.
Contact: info@advocatesfortheunderdog.com for more info.


Advocates for the Underdog

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[24 Jul 2005|11:39am]
[ mood | enraged ]


South L.A. Shelter numbers are: 213- 485- 0214, 213- 485- 0227,
213- 485- 0117, or 213- 485-0119


This comes from an employee from LA Animal Services:
Every so often, someone will come into the shelter who you just want to grab by the scruff of the neck, throw them into a cage, and lose the key. Today, I had the misfortune of meeting such a person.

An early 30's woman brought in an older black neutered Staffie, mix and told the shelter staff he belonged to her dad, who died in March last year. Since then, she said, he's been living in the yard, and a neighbor has been feeding him.

But, the loving daughter decided it was time to get rid of her dad's pet, and brought him to the busiest shelter in California, where his chances of being adopted are minimal, given the number of younger, cuter staffs already there.

I asked if she would keep him, and she snapped back, "I'm not keeping him," as though I'd just asked her if she would like to contract the ebola virus for her birthday.

She also turned on the charm with the officer on duty when he asked her to pay the princely sum of $5 charged by the city to turn in an animal. She became angry, and spat out, "it's not my dog." When he pointed out that she had said it was her late father's dog, she turned very nasty.

She eventually coughed up the cost of a measly couple of cups of coffee from starbucks so she didn't have to take the dog home (God forbid!), and stomped out, leaving her dad's elderly dog looking very forlorn in the cage.

His name is Petey, and he seems very sweet. He just laid down in the holding cage, not barking or reacting to other animals who came into the area. He is estimated to be 8 years old.

I took his photo and am sending this in the hope that a rescue group or individual will show him that strangers can often be much kinder than "family."

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OREGON PEOPLE - Pretty Princess Needs A Home! [19 Jul 2005|03:29pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Please repost Cross Post

Princess may be a big girl but we think she's gorgeous and she's great with people. She tends to be calm for a pitbull but she's equally strong so an adopter who can manage her size and has had experience with the breed would be a plus. Princess is okay with dogs, although we would prefer her to go to a home with a younger submissive male or have her be the only dog. No small animals. Rides great in the car, is 100% potty trained, spayed, We think kids 8 and up would suit her best. No oversea's adoptions. If you have any more questions please email me at goodriddance070@hotmail.com.

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[16 Jul 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | sweaty ]

For those who are members of lickmylips, don't forget that you've only got six more days to enter this month's theme contest. For those who aren't, now's a great time to join and jump in on the theme contest!

For those who need a refresher on the theme details, here's the original entry.

So you've got until the 22nd to either Beat the Heat... or Turn it Up!

Any questions, come to me, riot_grrl, or aliminx. And keep up the great work!

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Cross Post slackers! [14 Jul 2005|12:00pm]
I know we've been doing a lot of these lately, but it seems that the summer brings out the worst in pet owners, and the neediest in pets...
And if you feel like you can't help or contribute, bear in mind that just by cross posting this stuff, you're helping. A lot of this stuff can only get out via word of mouth, so be one of those mouths!

Important item #1:
Please Post and Cross Post!

Boxertown Boxer Rescue of Georgia

Boxertown is a directory providing information about boxer dogs that need homes in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

This page is overflowing with gorgeous Boxers that will be euthanized if they are not adopted in the next few days.

Contact info and photos are included for each dog.

Have a heart and adopt one of these beautiful dogs!

Important item #2
This is heartbreaking....A poor pit pup who needs YOU....she's had a horrible life so far and really needs to know what love is. Someone save this baby...
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Another Urgent Request [12 Jul 2005|01:46pm]
Please Post and Cross Post

Harley Needs a Good Home! Help Me find him one!

Harley is a very special dog that has been living with his daddy for the past 3 1/2 years. Unfortunately, his daddy can no longer keep Harley and he is heartbroken! He asked me to help him find a good home for Harley.

Here's what you should know:

Location: West Haven, CT
Name: Harley
Age: 3 1/2
Breed: Mixed, 1/2 Pitt, 1/2 German Shephard
Sex: Male, Neutered!
Weight: 60-65 lbs.
Trained: Housebroken!

Harley is up to date on his vaccinations and has been neutered. He has never had any major medical problems. Only simple things all dogs get, colds, etc.
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Crossposted from riot_grrl, who originally crossposted it for the person mentioned below. Please direct all questions to her [Suzanne Hamilton].


I found these abandoned kittens and I'm trying to find good homes for them. I would really appreciate it (so would they!!). They are 2 little male kittens...maybe 6-8 weeks old...EXTREMELY AFFECTIONATE & SWEET...they will crawl onto your lap for a nap! They are perfectly socialized..they just seem to want to be around humans..(when i found them in a parking lot, they came right up to me for attention!) They are very communicative and expressive....and litter trained as well!

If I didn't already have 3 cats I'd keep them myself, but the best I can do is try to find homes for them. As a last resort I'll have to bring them to a shelter where there is a chance they could be euthanized. I hope that someone out there can take these cuties so that doesn't have to happen. They deserve better.

Anyone interested can contact me directly : Suzanne Hamilton (609)-909-0915

P.S.-- I would be willing to drive some distance to drop them off with their new family.
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[08 Jul 2005|10:35pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Lately I've been using this journal to do nothing but crosspost about animals in need. I will be making posts about myself... but not just yet.

6 month old pup needs to be transported Sunday, July 9th from Eerie, PA to Buffalo, NY.....This is the only leg of transport that needs to be filled to get this pup into it's foster home!!! Click for more details!

Crosspost too!

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[08 Jul 2005|12:48am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Once again crossposted from riot_grrl... as well as cmpriest...Feel free to do the same.

Kitty cat needs a home!

solfox recently discovered a little black cat mewling and huddled underneath one of the household cars. It had apparently been hit by a passing vehicle and while injuries sustained were minor, they warranted medical attention (one rear claw ripped clean out of the foot down to the bone, and some fur peeled away from a hind leg). After visiting the vet, this little one became one of a series of little furry visitors to the Villainous Lair while antibiotics were administered and she was watched over.

They are guessing she has oriental shorthair in her (the parent breed of the Siamese), by her body type and her distinctive meow (she is very vocal). She is incredibly lovable and will take as much petting as you are willing to grant. She also favors laps, desktops, and the space directly underneath your feet... barring that, directly underneath you is fine, too. While I cannot attest to whether or not she has been spayed, or if she is negative various nasty cat bugs (other than fleas), what she needs now is a loving home (and someone willing/able to foot appropriate vet bills). If you, or someone you know might care for one of the most precious, adorable, attention-whoring cats in existence...please let me, or solfox know!

Please note: It has come to solfox's attention that this pretty little girl MAY be pregnant....
She is still looking for a home for her - and if you're willing to take her on, with kittens, or after she's had kittens if she is indeed pregnant - please let her know.

solfox is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

You can contact solfox directly on this entry...

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[06 Jul 2005|02:24pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Crossposted from riot_grrl's Journal

Dogs in Southwest Missouri needs to be adopted or will be euthanized!!!

Info on her here

Location: Ozark Missouri
Breed: Pit Bull (APBT)
Age: 9 to 18 Months
Sex: Female (spayed)
Weight: 40 to 50 Lbs
Color: Dark Brindle

Housebroken: Yes
Good with kids: Older children recommended
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown

Gabby fittingly recieved this name because when she sees you heading in the direction of her kennel, she starts WHINING with joy like nobodies business! Gabby is nothing but pure happiness. She seems pretty darned energetic which is why I wouldn't recommend her with small children (they may resemble bowling pins to an energetic pit bull :o)although I know once she's released all that energy, she can finally calm down to snuggle up with you. When Gabby came in she appeared very well fed and her coat was in great shape, very flashly little thing. Gabby doesn't have a massive head either. In fact, I'd say for a pit bull, its one of the smaller ones I've seen. Gabby is nothing but beautiful mixed with a ton of happiness. She isn't letting her situation get her down. If you are interested in Gabby, please HURRY and fill out an application. Gabby's previous owner(s) never came back to claim this! wonderful little girl and her time is very limited. Gabby has a little less than 15 days left to live!

More Dogs in Need Here...Collapse )
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Drive For Life Crosspost #2 - URGENT!! [23 Jun 2005|07:56pm]
3 puppies are in desperate need of transport from a kill shelter to a rescue that is willing to take them!
One of them has already been euthanized, so these other three need to get out and get out FAST...

If you are in TEXAS - WE NEED YOU!

If you are in IOWA - WE NEED YOU!

For more details about this drive for life - please read here - and direct any questions or comments to the original poster....

Thank you!
Three lives depend on you..

Crosspost please!
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Drive for Life [23 Jun 2005|07:55pm]
Crossposted on behalf of littlehounddog from petbulls

I'm posting here because there is a Treeing Walker Hound that really needs your help this weekend. This poor boy is trying to make it from a kill shelter into his rescue foster home. Johnny Walker was accepted into a rescue a couple weeks ago, but weekend after weekend has gone by and no one has been willing to help him get from Virginia to Illinois; now, the shelter is losing patience and has put a deadline on him. This weekend will be his last chance to get out of the shelter alive. I'm not asking for donations, and I'm not asking for someone to adopt him (although that is certainly an option once he's been evaluated in rescue); he has a place to go, he just needs to get there. Can you help him? Now traveling the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

If he does not make it to rescue this weekend (June 25 or 26), he will be put to sleep. This is his last chance.

More details here:
Drive For Life
(Please feel free to comment here or there with any questions you may have)
(Please cross post)
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You love cats... admit it. [18 Jun 2005|12:39pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Are you near London, Ontario?
Can you get to London, Ontario?
Do you want a cute kitten?
Or would you prefer a mama cat?
How about both!

My dear friend the_icequeen who had a big heart when it comes to animals rescued an outdoor female cat who was obviously VERY pregnant...
She gave birth and Kim has had no problem adopting out the kittens except for one, and Momma cat, who has been named Gabby.

Basically, Moo is everything a kitten should be. He's energetic, SUPER playful, very busy all the time except when he's sleeping. He isn't the most cuddly kitten, but I think that's because he's too busy being curious. Moo does have exposure to dogs - Kim's pittie Duke...and does ok with them.

Gabby is polydactyl, with "thumbs". She is NOT friendly toward other animals, not even dear Duke ;), so would need to be an only pet, or else go with her baby, Moo as they get along just fine. She is spayed since having her kittens, and is in excellent health. She is a talkative cat, and displays a lot of siamese type personality traits.

the_icequeen wants them to go to homes that will keep them inside, not declaw them, but have Moo neutered. She would also prefer they go to homes without young children as neither of them have been exposed to children younger than 8, and they probably wouldn't be very receptive to the rough handling of younger children.



To see more photos go here: http://photobucket.com/albums/y287/the_icequeen2/

If you are interested or would like more details - please contact the_icequeen...
Yes, this is crossposted directly from riot_grrl's Journal. If you know anyone who would have a remote interest in these cats, please do the same.

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[14 Jun 2005|02:28pm]
If you're in Texas, and you love "dangerous dogs"....
I suggest you get writing...
BSL is headed your way!
Including Rotts, Shepherds, Pitts and any dog deemed "dangerous"....

Read and cross post.

I still can't get my head around it....
You can amass an overwhelming mountain of documentation about dog behaviours and characteristics.
You can rattle off statistic after statistic.
You can relate the constant dismal failures of past breed-specific legislation.
You can line up countless experts in the field, including veterinarians, animal control officers, and dog trainers to offer their insights.
And still, some politician with his head up his ass will give some inane reason to ban "dangerous" dogs.

And I don't know what's worse...
That the politician will ignore any fact you through in his direction...
That he will somehow still manage to get public opinion in his favour...
Or that he will even steamroll through exsiting legislation to get his way, further perverting the judicial system and trampling any remaining faith in government officials as public servants...

Again... Read and cross post.
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Update on my last post [30 Apr 2005|12:18pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I was probably a little confusing with this post about our hosting tech guy needing living arrangements in the Toronto area, because I didn't have a ton of details. But now I have some of those detail things.

About the people needing help: Clint, a tech support specialist for my hosting company, has Cystic Fibrosis. He has 29% lung capacity. While going through tests for the CF, he was also diagnosed with diabetes. His twin brother is a bit worse off, with 10-19% lung capacity. They're being treated at St. Mike's in Toronto, from what I gather they're trying a procedure that will hopefully improve the situation; failing that, it's double lung transplant time. The twins are 22 years old.

About the living arrangements needed: The hospital has in fact been helping them look for someplace to stay, but so far what they've been shown has made them really uneasy. These are two boys used to small town living, as they currently live in Miramichi, New Brunswick. As long as they're within 2 hours of St. Mike's, they'll be happy. They need something with 3 bedrooms, as their mom will be staying with them too. They need it for about 6 months, and their doctor wants them here June 1st, so they need it very soon.

If any of you know of a potential living arrangement for them that fits this bill, pass the info along. If anyone knows someone who might have ideas, send them this info, or direct them to me. Since my dad lives in Richmond Hill, I'm getting him to look up rental listings in that area, since stuff in York Region ought to fit the bill nicely.

Thanks again for reading this and helping us out. Even if it's to send some positive vibes to Clint and his brother.

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Important Favor [26 Apr 2005|06:02pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

To everyone on my friends list in the Toronto area:

Do you know how to get any more information about short-term living arrangements? The story goes something like this: One of the tech support people for our hosting service (which is located in New Brunswick) has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. He's in Toronto for tests, and finds out he has diabetes as well. He's going to be staying in Toronto for a few months while he gets treatment, and needs to rent short-term while he's there.

The president of my hosting company is my first point of contact for all tech support issues. I bug him over the phone, via email and via MSN Messenger. Every single time I've talked to him, he's been incredibly friendly to me. It goes beyond good customer service; he treats me like a colleague and friend. He's without exaggeration one of the nicest people I've never met ;) But if he's asking me for help, I'm not just going to brush it off. But I don't know much at all about the housing situation in Toronto.

Anyone who has insight into this situation, please let me know. Or please crosspost to anyone who might. I'd be insanely grateful.

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Very Picture intensive [26 Mar 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I suppose we've made you wait long enough. Time to meet Angus.

Doggie insanity followsCollapse )

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And it begins [02 Mar 2005|10:24am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

When something stupid happens, it seems to draw additional stupidity towards it.

Behold Earl McCrae's column in the Ottawa Sun about the Pit Bull ban.

Guess who just got a long letter?

Feel free to follow suit. Oh, and crosspost to get more people to follow suit.

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Crossposted from riot_grrl [01 Mar 2005|11:01pm]
[ mood | determined ]

We need votes!
Spread this around!

Do you think Alberta should follow Ontario's lead and ban Pit bulls?

I know it's not a "scientific poll" or anything... but if people are that easily brainwashed by political rhetoric, then maybe they can be swayed back the other way by public opinion... who knows.

Consider this the beginning of the next round.

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Passing it on - BrookLynn Angel Fund [30 Jan 2005|11:00pm]
I encourage you all to cross post this, as I have from riot_grrl

I found this in petbulls, and I had to cross post it for everyone to see.
If you can - PLEASE donate - anything at all is better than nothing at all....
This dog needs help - please help her recover from HORRIBLE human cruelty..there just are no words.

Also, please check out their rescue - they have dogs all over the US who are in need of homes - please take a peek, and see if you, or anyone you know would love one of their beautiful doggies...

Warning: Photos are graphic
Brooklyn Angel Fund

More info on her story:
Yesterday we rescued this little girl named BrookLynn Angel. She was named BrookLynn by the shelter and volunteers, but her new foster home loved the name Angel for her, so now she has a first and middle name (last name to be decided when she finds a loving, forever home!) She was found tied up, abandoned as a stray in New York after having her body be burned with chemicals (so we believe) and we still aren't sure what was done to her face, as that has now been proven that each horrible trauma happened on a separate occasion.... Her photo and story were circulated and Hot Water Rescue saw it and we knew we needed to save her. She is in the emergency room where she has been evaluated physically, received emergency attention in preparation to get her as healthy as possible for her surgery (we are unsure at this point if it will be a series of surgeries which is totally possible) beginning next week. On Monday, she will be transferred to our surgeons at whi ch point they will start their work of restoring whatever they can of her jaw and face. I don't believe that her body wounds will be repairable but we will see. She has the most talented veterinarians/surgeons possible treating her and she will receive the best of care and whatever can be done to repair her, we will do.

BrookLynn Angel is a wonderful example of how a dog, a pitbull (maybe pit/corso) who has been terribly tortured can still love and trust people. An example of how amazing the breeds we work with really are. Even though she has been so terribly tortured and has more scarring on her body than healthy tissue and is missing most of her facial flesh, she still tries to give kisses... It is incredible that a dog ridden with infection, missing her lips, and basically torn apart and tortured STILL tries to give kisses even though it probably causes her pain.

We are taking this girl on, but as anyone can assume, this is going to be a huge financial commitment. If anyone can spare any funds to help save this girl, please do. Below we have listed the ways in which you can donate. It is expected that this girl will make a terrific recovery. She is obviously fighting hard for her health and her life, which clearly she has been doing for a while... She will of course never appear as a normal dog would, but she WILL be able to play again, not to feel pain, and eat normal foods, and she will one day be able to enjoy the life of a normal dog. Please help us get her healthy so we can show her a wonderful life and show her what is feels like to be loved.

Donations can be made on our website at:

Donations can be snail mailed to us at:
Hot Water Rescue
P.O. box 304
Collinsville, CT. 06022

Donations to cover the surgery portion of her recovery can be called into her vets office at:
860-236-3273. Tell whomever the receptionist is that you are calling in a donation to the BrookLynn Angel Fund with Hot Water Rescue... Of course we are 501(c)3, and all donations are tax deductible.

Thanks to everyone in advance who can spare anything towards her care, and a huge thanks to those who worked hard (both volunteers and CACC shelter staff) to make this girl known and get her safe and on the road to a better life.

Warmest Regards,
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Help for some adorable little fuzzies [12 Jan 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

riot_grrl and I have just completed fostering for a number of little rats for the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, and it's time for them to go back to the shelter. They had given us two rats to foster, as they suspected they were pregnant. One of them was, and ended up with 11 babies. We're keeping the two adults and one baby, but the rest need homes in the worst way.

There are 7 boys and 2 girls. They're a mix of fawn hooded, fawn self, and fawn berk, we believe. Some are ruby-eyed, some appear to be dark ruby eyed. They're playful, as can be expected with babies, and so so affectionate. riot_grrl deserves most of the credit for encouraging them to love human interaction. They're the friendliest little fuzzies :D

We'd love to see them spend a very short time at the shelter. Their small animal program leaves something to be desired. They're not very active in getting small animals adopted either, which is why we're spreading the word ourselves.

Please, if you or someone you know is thinking about owning rats, give these ones a look. They are about as friendly as they get. Spread this info as far and wide as possible, so that hopefully it'll reach people who can give these little fellas a forever home.

These are the most recent pics I have handy, of a pile of cuteness at about 2 weeks. I have plenty more, and more recent that just need to be downloaded, and I'll be doing that within the week.

Resist? I don't think so ;)
If you want information on the Hamilton SPCA's adoption policy, you can go to www.hamiltonspca.com.
So like I said, spread the word! Feel free to copy or link this.

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Another Public Service Announcement [21 Nov 2004|05:00pm]
[ mood | pushy ]

riot_grrl directed me to shelter_tails, where I saw the following:

Then there's PJ (corgi mix) & Sassy (lab mix); both mutts, both seniors, and have the stipulation of needing to be adopted together.
Their owner had to go into a nursing home and couldn't take them.
They've been there since March.
PJ's started licking herself bloody out of boredom, Sassy just looks defeated, and both are just desperate for any contact they get. They both come to life whenever anyone walks by their kennels.
They're both such sweet dogs, well trained, good with other dogs, good on leashes, come when called, good with cats, know their basics, play fetch, medium sized (about 35-40lb each), but nobody wants to take both of them.
I can understand why the shelter doesn't want to split them up, as they've never been split up, but I don't think they're going to be adopted as a pair...it may be best for them to just allow them to be split so they have real homes again.

If you live near Neillsville, WI, or you know someone who lives near there, or know of any ways to help, please get the word out about these two. If they don't find a home soon, I don't think they'll be able to hold on much longer.

Here's Sassy's Info

And this is PJ

Spread the word. Please!

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[19 Nov 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Real update forthcoming... but this is importanter (yes, importanter! :P)

2 new babies in need of some love! (Indianapolis area)

The first is an 8-10 week old orange female (?) kitten who was found nearly dead. When she was found she was unable to lift her head but is doing better now. She is in the care of a woman who is unable to keep her (because of her dog) and is looking for a loving person to take her in. There are no records on the kitten but, she seems to be doing well now.

The second is a Female Shephard/Chow Mix
1 yr. 4 mo. old
house/crate trained
spayed on Tuesday 11-16-04
up-to-date on shots
The owner will be unable to keep her because of a move and is looking for a new forever home for this dog. If anyone out there would like more information on either of these animals please contact Emily at ehoening@iupui.edu and she will direct your email to the appropriate person.

Thanks guys and please feel free to crosspost this info... in fact, I highly encourage it!

If you recognize this from riot_grrl's journal, there's a reason for that. Crosspost!

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Icon! [26 Oct 2004|01:19pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Just put together this icon out of protest signs we saw on Saturday, as well as the_icequeen's lovely boy Duke.

If you believe that this ban, as well as any other breed-specific legislation, is a crock of shit (which it is), then feel free to use this icon as your own and share with like minded individuals.

Just remember to give credit where credit is due ;)

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REQUEST [20 Oct 2004|07:33pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

As some may have seen in my last post, there is a protest being held at Queen's Park in Toronto at noon this Saturday.
Reason: the legislated Pit Bull Ban.

Guess which two crazed animal lovers on your list will be there?

Okay, now down to business. If any of you out there have a high resolution photo of a Pit Bull being cute, goofy, harmless or anything contradictory to that "assault weapon on four legs" stigma that Attorney General Bryant is painting on them, please send them to me. OR, if you know someone that'd have a photo like this, please get it to me one way or another.

To those who ask "What do you mean by hi res, Sean?" simple:

- Around 300 dpi.
- Around 2500 pixels across
- Easily taken by a decent digital camera
- Easily scanned by a decent scanner

Send it to ssimons @ wenex . com. Inbox constraints are not an issue ;) Or send via MSN - snomdog @ hotmail . com. Getting them to me by Friday would be super. Getting them to me by tomorrow would be super duper.

In case you're wondering, I need to make protest signs. So hook a fella up!

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Aminals! [03 Jul 2004|08:12pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Boy, you take a couple weeks off from visiting the shelter, and all sorts of things happen.

The last animal riot_grrl and raven_velith and I talked about was Asia. As you may have read in Leesa's journal, this lovely brindle pit bull was finally adopted :D Thanks to everyone who felt compelled to spread the word - must have worked!

Okay, okay, if you've read Leesa's journal, this whole thing will feel like deja vu. I more or less copy/pasted the whole thing :P

Anyway, it's time to spread the word about a few more animals who could use your help.

Meet Parker. cut because it's archivedCollapse )

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*dusts off the journal yet again* [16 Jun 2004|12:45pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Question to you regular eBayers: After you win an auction, and you've paid for the item, and you're waiting for it to arrive, do you go through this phase of paranoia? You know, all sorts of things go through your head, like the postal service will screw up and lose your package, or heaven forbid, you're dealing with a deadbeat seller?

Well, those silly things were entering my head pretty much as soon as I had paid for my auction in which I won Manhunt. The guy didn't email me after I paid him, even though I asked him to. Was it going to get held up in customs? Is he jerking my chain? Is it going to be a used copy, rife with scratches, instead of a new one? A tiny part of me was unsure if it was even a good idea to enter the auction in the first place.

Then the package showed up. Shrink wrapped and all, fresh as the day it fell off of the back of some truck in Chicago.

Am I a retard? Evidence is pretty compelling, I know. But I'm a happy retard, because I have my game. And I know I've made a big deal about it, but after popping it into my XBox for some digital slaughter for a half hour or so, I'd forgotten just how much I love this game. I'm really going to have to budget my time well now, lest I turn into a monumental slacker.

Helping me in this motivation is yet another project landing in my hands. I'm making an online store for someone selling women's clothes and lingerie. Sounds riveting, eh? Well our very own riot_grrl may be immortalized in their company logo. More details as soon as I get final word about that.

Hmmm, what else is new... what else... Oh yeah, my own dad, at 62 years young, is seriously considering getting a tattoo. No, that isn't a typo. Yes, you read it right. He's kind of stealing my idea of the stylized zodiac symbol on the arm, but I'm equal parts impressed and utterly baffled by this decision of his. It may have to turn out to a father-son bonding thing, where we can get inked together ;) He says right now that he just needs to work up the courage and the funds, but I'm helping matters by letting him know it's not as expensive as he thinks. As for the suffering he'll go through, well, can it really compare to raising me? ;P

In other dad news, remember when I mentioned his aneurysm? Probably not, it was a pretty long time ago. Well, he's got a surgery date, sorta: Winter. Probably January-ish. I don't know about him, but I think this is a good thing. It needs to be taken care of, because apparently it is growing. I also know the waiting game is playing hell with his stress levels. Let's face it: an aneurysm is a ticking time bomb inside a person's body. Maybe it's ticking slowly right now, but all the more reason to take care of it now.

Back to something around this time frame: Sunday riot_grrl and I were at broken_muse's to help out with some wedding related stuff. I turned out to be quite proficient in a variety of craft tools, including a hot glue gun. I made 14 centerpieces and didn't glue my fingers together once! I also found out that the shirt I was wearing had at some point been, um, "tailored" by our rats. There was a nice gaping set of chew marks on the back of one sleeve. And I liked that shirt too, dammit! So the plan this week is to hit the Sidewalk Sale at Square One, and actually buy myself some new clothes. It's a pretty scary thought, I hope I can handle it.

If you're on riot_grrl's friends list, take a moment to compliment her on her new icon ;P

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NEW THEME CONTEST2 [08 Jun 2004|10:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Thanks for your patience everyone. We finally have a new theme ready for you


(and then he nibbled on my notepad and was very content about it.)

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Getting the word out [08 Jun 2004|12:43pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Crossposted from riot_grrl's journal - I know most of you have therefore seen it already, but too damn bad :P
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[26 Mar 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | quiet ]

Told you things'd look different.

Still won't be around for a while. Anything to say, you know how to find me.

The Suffering (what you'll feel trying to read through this whole entry) [17 Mar 2004|04:31pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Partly inspired by cmpriest and her insanely entertaining movie reviews, and partly inspired by geekybird catering to all things nerdy, and of course somewhat motivated by the complete lack of desire to work, and no doubt aided by some serious caffeine-induced hyperactivity, I've decided to review the latest Xbox game I just rented, The Suffering. This may take me a while, but it should be fun. I don't proclaim for it to be anywhere near the entertainment value of cmpriest, but then, she's a storyteller on another level entirely, anyway.

Warning #1: Much of this content may be spoiler-esque in nature. If you plan on playing this game, I apologize for giving away some stuff in the later levels. But it's not like I finished the game or anything, so there's lots left to uncover. Besides, it's no worse than most game mag/site reviews.

Warning #2: I'm a wordy bastard. So it's long. Very long. You've been warned.

onward with the lengthy review!Collapse )

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WHA THE FUH [17 Mar 2004|09:56am]
[ mood | Procrastinatory ]

Okay. I enjoy a good practical joke as much as the next guy. Even when it's played on me. I just laugh and quickly plot revenge. But anyway, when Mother Nature plays practical jokes, is it just me, or does she go a little overboard? It has not stopped snowing since around this time yesterday.

As much as I love Canada for its tolerance of same-sex unions, its centralized health care, its fun multi-coloured money, and its really tasty beer, this weather, even after 26 years of it, still takes some getting used to.

I've accepted the fact that we're to expect at least some snowfall in March, maybe even April, but certainly after the chronological start to Spring. However, does this have to include a foot or so of snow???

(A postscript to this mini-rant: I know there are places that get it worse than we do; particularly the maritimes lately. I do really empathize, but since I'm here, I only have my weather to bitch about -- Hey, if Floridians can wimper about the thermometer dipping into -gasp- the forties, I think I'm allowed to pitch a fit about this blizzard of ours. But yeah, if you're getting shittier weather, you have my sympathies.)

A consequence of this is that our co-worker at Hornell can't get to work. Her commute is longer and decidedly more treacherous than ours. So I'm here, instead of working from home today. No biggie, I'll just dick around on LJ a bit, then eventually do some real work.

The rest of this post is dedicated to feed_my_eyes, who yesterday posted about her planned body mods. This reminded me of how I have a ton planned for myself, but no funds or opportunity to get them, but I do have plans! As promised, here they are:

Piercing: Only one I want to get, really. My lip, dead center. I've toyed with the idea forever, in different forms. Would I want two? Should I get one at a time just in case? Would I like the off-center piercing if I only got one? Well the bottom line is, I want just one, and definitely not off-center. I toyed with the idea of something in the cartilage of my ear, but I don't think I could handle it. I toss around too much in my sleep :P

Tattoo #1: I mentioned something a while back about a Samurai theme. Particularly a shoulder piece depicting a samurai fighting two demons, in classical Japanese style. I had actually talked with a tattoo artist about this. I've been waiting to hear back from him since... oh... August? I don't think he's getting back to me. Since then, I've expanded on that idea a bit. The samurai will be holding his sword in his left hand, a tribute to a sort of legendary 'controversy' about left-handed samurai (long story), plus a nod to being left-handed myself. This idea was originally a shoulder piece/half-sleeve, but I've also got ideas to expand it the rest of the way down my arm by adding another samurai, this one wielding a bow & arrow. That's to include my being a Sagittarius ;] Of course, with a full sleeve, I'll probably need to take out a mortgage to pay for it all :P

Tattoo #2: This idea I actually had long before the one above. Anyone who's seen the artwork for Finger Eleven's album The Greyest of Blue Skies will know it depicts a marionette walking with the burden of dragging its own strings behind it. It was to symbolize their being played by their old label and having to pick themselves up and move onward, and I think that's a perfect metaphor for life and gaining independence. We're all 'played' like a puppet when we're younger, though not necessarily in a bad way, through guidance from authority figures. Parents, teachers, and the like lead us along through our young life, but at some point, the strings are dropped and we have a choice: collapse limply to the ground in failure, or pick up our own strings and walk through it on our own. I'd either get this on my lower back, or a leg, or two similar designs, one on each leg. Basically an area of the body that bears a burden, whether physically or metaphorically.

Tattoo #3: The flames-as-wristband has been done to death, but I have an idea for a fun twist on it. Stylized, abstract silhouettes of sharks thrashing about can give the semblance of flames. The fluid, curvy way they twist their bodies can really lend itself to this image. I might have shown you the crappy henna I got at the CNE back in the fall, which was a perfect example of what I mean, and actually got this idea started in my head, since I got it on the inside of my forearm, near the wrist. Like I said, this is my own new twist on a played out theme, while recognizing my weird fixation with sharks ;P

So there you go, feed_my_eyes. Sorry, no pictures. If I come across some pics that lend themselves to these descriptions, I might post them.

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